Hogar de Fe

Quick Facts:
Number of Kids - 30
Location - Ciudad Sandino
Interesting Fact - Boasts a full-sized Basketball Court

Located in Ciudad Sandino, Hogar de Fe is a beautiful oasis in the midst of the city’s concrete sprawl. The orphanage begins with a mural along the outer wall, ushering children into the main area of living. Rooms ring a central multipurpose court—a full-sized basketball court with lines for soccer, baseball, and anything other sport you can think of.

Little girls sleep under pink-canopies in their own dorm room, while boys are across the court from them in just as exciting rooms. The older boys and girls sleep in their own dorm style housing similarly across from one another. One corner of the rectangle hosts a laundry area for washing and line-drying, while the opposite is a tiled cafeteria.

Across from the main set of buildings is a sprawling park. Besides a soccer field and playground equipment where the children have recess in the middle of school, the children’s church also sits just adjacent to the field.

Walk just 30 seconds down the road from there and you’ll find the school. Hosting over 300 students daily, the school is one of the best in the area. Each of the 30 children from Hogar de Fe old enough for school attend every weekday. English classes and physical education are highlights for many of our children.

ORPHANetwork currently supports Hogar de Fe at $3,750 per month.