Hogar de Gloria

Quick Facts:
Number of Kids - 14
Location - Jinotepe
Interesting Fact - Farms and mills its own beans.

Hogar de Gloria is a massive operation. First and foremost, it is an orphanage for fourteen older children, between the ages of 10 and 17. The boys and girls live in rooms just across the house from one another, split by a skylight pouring sun onto a small indoor garden. It’s just a few palmed bushes, but it’s certainly something.

Upstairs is a small primary school for a little under 50 students from the surrounding area. All of the children attend daily—walking to school is just a matter of walking upstairs, and boy is the view great. Hogar de Gloria is situated in Jinotepe, close enough to the coast that if you look out a window on the second floor of the orphanage, you’ll see a range of mountains, and just beyond, the ocean.

Besides the orphanage and school, Hogar de Gloria boasts a sprawling farm. On their property, the orphanage profitably farms beans and a variety of vegetables, both for the kids at the orphanage, and the surrounding community. The community which surrounds Hogar de Gloria is particularly rural, and the people are grateful to the orphanage for selling fairly priced beans and other crops that they would otherwise have needed to walk into town for.

The children at Hogar de Gloria are a great family—because there aren’t too many, they’ve become close to one another, and a joy to be around!