Casa Bernabe: Overview

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The Casa Bernabe, Veracruz orphanage complex is a Christian ministry of Verbo Christian Church in Managua, Nicaragua. It is a children’s home for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children ranging in age from three years old to late teens.

The 68-acre property was acquired by Verbo Church in 1984. Verbo’s vision was to establish a working farm and orphanage where orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children (who had been removed from their homes by the government) could come and live in a safe, loving environment. The children would not only have their immediate physical needs met but also experience Christ’s love, helping them understand His plan for their life, while also helping each child cultivate a sense of vision and self worth.

The Casa Bernabe complex has grown from a handful of small, thinly-walled, dirt-floor buildings to a fully functioning children’s home. There are currently 60 children living at the orphanage, but it has the physical capacity to care for over 100 children. The orphanage is operating on a budget of approximately $175 per month per child.

Verbo’s operational focus is to provide children with a loving Christian environment, education, good nutrition, and vocational training.
There are three components to the orphanage’s vocational training program – the working farm, bakery and bike shop. We have maintained and slowly grown Casa Bernabe’s vocational training capacity over the past few years.

ORPHANetwork has steadily increased financial support from $2,500 per month in 2003 to $6,200 per month in 2008, not including support for one-time needs. In addition, ORPHANetwork pays the orphanage to house the members of missions teams that visit the orphanage. The profits from this service cover some of Casa Bernabe's monthly operating expenses.

Support Opportunity
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